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Coca-Cola And The Competition

During the turn of the Century, Coca Cola had begun to take off, people would go to the nearest drug store or supermarket in order to quench their thirst with the invigorating drink called Coca Cola. Other individuals saw the success of Coca Cola and decided to jump on the band wagon. Companies started opening up and selling their "fake" Cola drinks. Many of these bottlers changed the name of their product ever so slightly in order to trick the general public into buying their drink instead of Coca Cola. Many of these products never lasted very long due lawsuits or threat of lawsuits by the Coca Cola Company. Thus locating and collecting advertising of this sort is very difficult and not much of it exists today. "Koke," "Koca-Nola," and "Coca-Kola," just to name a few, are some of the most blatant and illegal use of the Coca Cola name and are the most desirable. Unofficially, by 1926 Coca Cola could account for thousands "Fake Colas" being eliminated from the market. 

Coca Cola

Here are two Hutchinson Style Coca Cola bottles. These were one of the first types of bottles to contain Coca Cola. Fewer than a dozen bottlers used these types of bottles during the turn of the century, very few have survived.



Circa:1890-1900 Rare Hutch Coca Cola bottle Tuskegee, Alabama. Circa:1890-1900 Rare Hutch "Coco" Cola misspelled bottle from Chattanooga, Tenn.


Circa:1905-1916 Arrow Ambers are among the more popular Coke Bottles to collect. Many variations exist. Here is one version from Memphis, Tenn.  


Circa:1905-1916 Another example of an amber bottle, this time with a different type of arrow. Circa:1905-1916 Here is another amber bottle. This one is from Lexington KY. Notice that this bottle is much lighter in color than the Tenn. bottle.


Circa:1905-1916 Another arrow example. This is honey colored amber bottle, from Cleveland, Ohio.  Circa:1911 Very interesting bottle. Reads: "This Bottle Our Private Property & Protected By Registration Under Senate Bill No.130 Approved June 7th 1911." TRADE MARK REGISTERED DAYTON, OHIO


Circa:1914-1918 Coca Cola CumberLand, MD. Circa:1968 Here is a very RARE 1 Liter diamond bottle from Spain. These are extremely hard to find in any condition.



Circa:1905-1916 An example of a clear Pepsi Bottle dating back to the early 1900's. Bottled in Memphis Tenn. Many of these bottles have many bubbles and impurities in the glass, to find one with hardly any of these imperfections is quite difficult. Circa:1960's This is a much later bottle that depicts the diamond logo used during the late 60's. Examples of these bottles are hard to find. There are a couple of examples. Here is a 32oz No Deposit bottle with Color.

Circa:196o's This is essentially the same bottle as above, but without color.



Florida, Bottling Co.

J. Esposito Philada

Circa:1890's Here is the first style of Hutchinson Bottle that the Koca Nola Company Produced. Notice that the metal stopper is still inside the bottle.

Circa:1890's This is the second style, Much nicer letter used. I guess more technology went into this bottle.


Phila, PA (Root Bottle)


Circa:1905-1916  These amber bottles came before the clear bottles. Circa:1905-1916 A tall unusual bottle.

J. Esposito Philada, PA Bottling Works Rome, GA.
Circa:1905-1916 This is the last style that was produced dating back to the late 1900's Circa:1905-1916 This is the last style that was produced dating back to the late 1900's



Circa:1905-1916 My Coca-Co. is another company that decided to try their "fake" cola on the market. Of course they didn't last long either due to lawsuits or just lack of sales.
(This bottle is quite common and can usually be found on Ebay. Can pick this bottle up for less than $40.)
Circa:1905-1916 My Coca-Co. bottle. Much harder to find Aqua bottle. Circa:1905-1916 Another version just in Aqua color. Notice that this bottle just reads "MY-Coca and does not have the "Co." at the end. Perhaps due to the fact that this was a franchised bottler.

Circa: Late 1900's Coca Lula Pioneer Bottling Works Brookside Alabama. Circa: Late 1920's Lime Cola 6.5 fluid oz. Dothan Alabama.

Circa:1905 Celery Cola Co. Birmingham Alabama. Circa: Late 1900's Lime Cola Bottling Works Tennile Ca. Circa: Late 1920's ? Taka Kola 6.5 ozs. Norfolk, Va.

Circa:1905-1918 Rye-Ola Bottling Works Birmingham, Ala

This is a first style that was produced for this company.  Invented in 1905 by Jefferson J Peek, (the same chemist to create Wiseola). --Thanks to Dennis Smith for the information.

Circa:1914-1918 Rye-Ola Bottling Works Birmingham, Ala

This is a later version from the same company.


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